Special Reports

Body shop mechanics not suspect, police say

Two mechanics who were working inside Medina's Body Shop but left just before Tuesday nights massacre are not considered suspects in the slayings, said Pasco police. Police interviewed the mechanics last week, and they

were "cooperative," officer Pittman said Saturday night.

Five Hispanic men died during the shooting in east Pasco, the worst single massacre ever in the Tri-Cities.

The shootings sole survivor, Jesse Rocio, 20, said Friday that two gunmen entered the garage unarmed and talked to the mechanics. All four then left the garage, he said. The gunmen later returned without the mechanics and opened fire, said Rocio.

Rocio had said he did not know the names of the mechanics.

The mechanics were never taken into custody, Pittman said, nor are they receiving special protection from police. They are considered merely as witnesses, he said.

Pittman said he did not know the mechanics' names nor whether police would be willing to release them.

Police officials and detectives in charge of the investigation couldn't be reached for comment Saturday.

Five Hispanic men died in the shootings while Rocio was wounded. Rocio managed to crawl underneath a car in the garage, then drove himself to police headquarters after the gunmen left. He was treated at Our Lady of Lourdes Health Center, jailed briefly for his own protection, then released.

Based on identifications by Rocio, police are looking for Vicente Ruiz, 19, and Pedro Mendez, between 22 and 25 years of age.