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Lone survivor left for dead

"When they started shooting I just jumped underneath the car and I stay still," said the lone survivor of a massacre in which five men were shot to death in an auto body shop.

Jesse Salas Rocio, 20, of Pasco, said the gunmen departed without checking to see if anyone was still alive.

"They must think all of us are dead and left," he said.

Rocio, who was wounded in the attack, was being held in Jail Wednesday.

The holding of Rocio is "basically to cover us, to give us time to determine if there is a possibility that he's going to leave and to determine if there's a risk to his safety," said Pasco police Sgt. Andy Anderson. He said police are concerned about possible retaliation by suspects.

After his release from Our Lady of Lourdes Health Center before noon, Rocio was taken to the Franklin County Jail pending a decision today on whether he will be held as a material witness, Anderson said.

If police decide Rocio must be held for his own protection, or as a flight risk, a bail hearing will be sought, said Franklin County Prosecutor Dennis DeFelice.

Rocio had been under police guard at the hospital.

"I've seen them (the gunmen) before on the street," Rocio said in a telephone interview from his hospital bed Wednesday, morning. "One time we had a general argument, but we didn't have a real problem with them."

He said be and the other victims had exchanged 'dirty looks" with the gunmen in the past, but would not elaborate.

Rocio said he was wounded in the side by a ricocheting bullet as he dove under a car for cover.

Rocio was himself charged earlier this year with using a gun in an


The survivor

Police charged that Rocio was driving a car March 1 near the intersection of Second Avenue and Lewis Street in Pasco when he passed by a car driven by a woman be knew, Rosemary Gonzalez. Police allege that Rocio shouted to her: "If you don't stop I'm going to shoot you. "

Rocio was originally charged with shooting a bullet into the rear of her car. The charges were later reduced when witnesses could not positively say they had seen Rocio shoot a gun.

But police also alleged that when Gonzalez stopped and got out of the car, Rocio slapped and kicked her, forced her into his vehicle and held her there for about three hours.

Rocio pleaded guilty to simple assault. He was ordered to serve 25 days in jail.