Special Reports

Blood dries on shop floor

Puddles of blood from six men shot at Medina's Body Shop in Pasco on Tuesday night were drying Wednesday morning.

An engine and a car sat in one small room in the 25-by-50-foot building. On the car's hood was a hammer, socket wrench and rotary buffing machine used for body work. The car's windshield was covered with dust from sanding work. On top of the car was a bench carseat.

Owner Clifford Medina and a few friends quietly waited at the entrance while visitors looked inside.

Medina said he lived in the office portion of the shop to protect his tools.

Shelves around the car were filled with soft-drink bottles, paint cans and small tools.

Visible in an adjoining room were multi-colored blotches of spray paint.

Cars, trucks and a van were in the fenced gravel and dirt lot, awaiting repair.

According to Medina, Hispanic men did engine and mechanical work at the shop, in addition to body repairs.