Ballot problem causes some confusion

A mistake last week in ballots mailed to registered voters in Benton Fire District 2 in Benton City apparently has created confusion for other voters in Richland and West Richland.

Eighth District Rep. Larry Haler, R- Richland, said that while making campaign calls he has come across a handful of registered voters who threw away their ballots, mistakenly thinking they were part of the flawed batch mailed to precincts in Benton City.

Stuart Holmes, Benton County elections supervisor, said a Tuesday story in the Herald alerting the public to the problem ballots for District 2 correctly described the problem.

No one in West Richland or Richland should be concerned about their ballots, because they were not part of the flawed batch, he said.

Anyone who mistakenly discards a ballot, or loses it, can obtain a replacement ballot, Holmes said.

Haler said the people in his district who are not in the affected fire district apparently misread the story.