Beware of coyotes toting dynamite, ACME crates, California park sign warns


A sign at a California park warns visitors to be wary of coyotes — then adds some fine print suggesting extra precautions when it comes to the more wiley ones known to dabble in TNT, anvils and other cartoon mayhem.

A photo of the sign, found in Redwood City in the San Francisco Bay Area, posted Monday on Reddit sparked merriment, including one person who commented “I saw this! Just before I walked into a tunnel thru a cliffside I hadn’t noticed previously.”

The sign starts off seriously enough with the usual warnings against approaching or feeding coyotes, adding they can be especially dangerous around small pets.

Then it kicks into a more humorous tone with a series of warnings aimed at Wile E. Coyote, the hapless antagonist of the Road Runner in Warner Bros. cartoon classics.

So far there’s no warning of being startled by a wacky cartoon bird. This image is from one of the classic Warner Bros. cartoons featuring Wile E. Coyote and his nemesis the Road Runner. McClatchy file

It suggests visitors call animal control officers if they witness any “dangerous activity,” including:

▪ “Coyote carrying box marked ‘ACME’”

▪ “Coyote detonating explosives/TNT”

▪ “Coyote in possession of giant magnet”

▪ “Coyote holding sign such as ‘detour’ or ‘free bird seed’”

▪ “Coyote in possession of a catapult”

▪ “Coyote dropping anvil from hot air balloon”

In October, police who rescued a coyote tangled in a soccer net in Missouri posted to Facebook to attribute its problems to faulty ACME equipment, McClatchy reported. In the Road Runner cartoons, ACME supplies much of the gear used in Wile E. Coyote’s hare-brained schemes.

And in September, Ohio police posted a similar warning about TNT-toting coyotes on social media.

Video from surveillance cameras at the Southeastern Spine Institute in Mount Pleasant, S.C. show Dr. Steve Poletti entering his office with the coyote close behind.

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