A man was dying on a train platform. A thief helped himself to his pain pills, Boston cops say

Police say Anthony Stimson stole from a man as he lay dying on a subway platform.
Police say Anthony Stimson stole from a man as he lay dying on a subway platform. MBTA Transit Police

When Anthony Stimson saw a 52-year-old man suffering a medical episode on a train station platform, he jumped into action, according to transit police.

Authorities say Stimson, 30, spent a half-hour going through the victim’s belongings, The Boston Globe reported.

Police had responded to the medical emergency early Wednesday morning at the downtown Boston station, reported. They tried unsuccessfully to save Willie Williams’ life. Paramedics declared him dead at the scene, authorities said.

Authorities found out that Stimson had “approached” the unconscious man, police said, and allegedly helped himself to Williams’ stuff, stealing prescription drugs and other items, CBS Boston reported.

Then Stimson left, police said, without helping Williams or calling for assistance.

Williams’ name was on a prescription pill bottle that was found on Stimson when officers caught up to him, police said, according to CBS Boston.

A spokesman for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority transit police said he could only recall one other similar case in his more than 20-year career: A Brockton, Massachusetts man stole a woman’s cellphone after she was hit and killed by a train in 2014, the Boston Globe reported.

“I view this as along the same line of depravity,” said Superintendent Richard Sullivan.

Authorities allege Stimson took the pain drug gabapentin, which can be used to prevent and control seizures. Stimson is charged with larceny and possession of a Class E drug, the Globe reported.

An attorney for Stimson, Patrick Colvario, told The Globe that his client has a “substance abuse problem,” but suggested someone else could have taken the pills and given them to Stimson.

Colvario also called Williams’ death a “sad circumstance,” the newspaper said.