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Machetes and swords: Some headlines write themselves

Headlines are meant to inform and intrigue you, to draw you into a story. I spent a dozen years on the copy desk, and great headline writing is an art.

But sometimes, they just write themselves. Such was the case last week with this doozy: "Machete used to fight off sword-swinging Sunnyside man."

Who can resist clicking on that?

The story in question went up on our site about 2 p.m. Feb. 9. Not long after it appeared, I got a text from a colleague at our sister paper in Boise: "This should get you page views, eh?"

And it did.

It wasn't our No. 1 story for the day because it was a really newsy day in the Tri. A story about a head-on wreck in Pasco was first, a follow-up on the bones found near Clover Island was second, a dad who accidentally shot himself in the leg near an elementary school was third, and man accused of imprisoning his girlfriend for a month was fourth.

But this story, which didn't have the benefit of hitting our site until midafternoon, still managed a respectable 1,552 page views.