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Palin's pull

I wrote back in November about how much traffic our site received when Sarah Palin came to town back in 2009. But the former Alaska governor doesn't even need to come here to help draw a crowd.

Last week, she was on Fox News in her rebuttal to President Obama's state of the union speech and gave a shout-out to Richland's Spudnut Shop. It blew up into a national controversy, which no doubt was good for Spudnut's already healthy business.

My blog post about it received 28 comments and 3,178 page views (so far). Most of the referrals - 2,138 - came from Yahoo, but I also got quite a few from Facebook.

Herald reporter Kathy Korengel's story, which appeared in Friday's paper and online, received a whopping 5,530 page views. An attached photo gallery from her visit here last year to try to boost Clint Didier's campaign also brought in 5,373 page views. The story enjoyed referrals from Google (986) and (474), among others.

The Herald has published one letter so far, in Tuesday's paper. It has received 15 comments and had 616 page views - about three times as much as a typical letter gets.

Love her or hate her, Palin starts a conversation like nobody else in politics these days.