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Experimenting with live video of Herald editorial board

On Tuesday, I had lunch with the Herald's editorial board, the group that decides what editorials to write, which candidates to endorse, etc. This group is separate from the newsroom, which focuses on news coverage. One of our topics of discussion involved the idea of providing live video of an editorial board meeting.

After a bit of discussion, we decided to live stream today's editorial board meeting with the Arc of the Tri-Cities, which is still working to raise money for its new building. This wasn't going to be full of controversy, so it seemed like a good dry run.

We did not publicize it much: We posted a story on our home page and alerted our Facebook and Twitter followers. As a result, we had just a few dozen people stop in to take a look. It wasn't a big deal because our cost to do this was $0 (we already have the equipment for live streaming, so it was just a matter of setting it up in the conference room where the edit boards are held).

We kind of wish we had two cameras we could switch between (not sure if we can do that with the service we're using to stream) so we could have multiple cameras. I also quickly realized we need to figure out something better for audio. While the condenser mic on my video camera is fine for high school football games, it wasn't all that hot for this situation. That's something we can easily remedy.

I haven't checked with the folks on the editorial board for their reaction to the experiment, so I'm not sure if we'll do it again, but it certainly was fun to try.