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Patty Murray, Dino Rossi are stalking me!

Last week, I was in Boise. At my hotel room, I pulled up the website of the local newspaper, and there was an ad asking me to vote for Patty Murray.


A few clicks later, Dino Rossi popped up.


Why would two U.S. Senate candidates from Washington advertise on an Idaho website? If I had been in Washington, I could understand that the masters of the Internet might somehow know to serve up these ads, but I was in Boise.

It is likely the ads were going through Yahoo's system, where I am registered as a user who lives in Richland, Wash. Thus, I was getting some targeted advertising.

Creepy? Maybe a little. But it's also kind of cool that I was getting advertising relevant to me, rather than another "Lose weight using one weird trick" banner. It was an effective strategy, since it got me to stop and look at it.

And to write about it here.