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Fair better or fair worse

As far as PR stunts go, this one was pretty fun.

In case you missed it, you can read the full story here about Chris and Tabitha Brown's wedding at the fair.

After a logistics discussion about the best spot for me and the fair photographer, we hopped aboard a gondola. Just as I was thinking about how glad I was that everybody and their mother wasn’t trying to grab a spot in there with us, a big dude from the radio station gets in.

Because I'm selfish, I had hogged my side with gear, and because I only weigh around 135 pounds, we swayed awkwardly the whole time we were up there.

Did I mention my aversion to heights? I wouldn’t call it a phobia, but I do get a touch of vertigo, and I’ve never been one to lean over railings to get a good bird's-eye view. Tack on the fact that I’m easy to make queasy and using thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment a hundred feet up and that’s an undesirable equation.

Add to that the tricky proposition of getting a photo of the couple, who were in shade under the gondola's roof, which was held up by a white pole in the middle — a convenient place to block a face. This resulted in a lot of shaky leaning to get a good angle on the couple, unobstructed by pole or mascot head, during the brief ceremony.

If it sounds like I'm whining, that’s because I'm a whiner, but really I just wanted to explain how much effort can go into making a picture — especially one that seems as straightforward as this one.

See more photos from Chris and Tabitha’s wedding at the fair.

*Special thanks to copy editor Kristin Elsen for the headline*


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