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"You just take pictures?"


It's funny how one little word can rub you the wrong way.

Granted, I feel lucky to be a professional photojournalist. The ability to make my living doing something I love is not a luxury afforded to most, but that oh-so-common question seems to imply that my job is easy, trivial and nothing but fun.

Anybody can make a good photo at a boisterous event in good light, but what about a sedate one in dim lighting?

Or worse, a staged event in mixed lighting.

Such was the case when the city of Richland unveiled its 50th anniversary banner back in May. I’m not slamming the organizers of the event, only pointing to the fact that what makes for comfortable participants doesn’t usually make for good photos.

The subjects were situated in shade while a 1947 Chevy shined in harsh midday sun, and the banner hung high on a wall across the street in lighting that was somewhere in between.

At times like these, a photographer has to dive into his or her bag of tricks in an attempt to come up with an interesting image from a visually boring event.

I tried working the reflection off the car window to include the necessary elements while capturing the spirit of the event. It’s not earth-shattering, but I was happy with it—happy enough to be disappointed when it didn’t run due to limited space.

And now I’m happy it has a home here.


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