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Allow me to introduce myself

Inexpensive digital cameras have made photography increasingly accessible and prevalent. You probably know a couple photographers or at least some snapshooters.

But what about professional photojournalists? You know, the guys and gals like me who make pictures of people at their worst, talk you into a portrait on that bad hair day or make pictures of your kids at the playground while you start mentally preparing a police report about a potential pervert.

"Behind the Fold" will take you into the world of a newspaper photojournalist -- an endangered species of photographer who can go from a fatal fire to a kids’ carnival like it ain’t no thing.

I'll share outtakes and stories, and answer questions if you've got any.

So brace yourselves for shoddy metaphors and bumpy transitions as I shake off the rust from years without writing and maybe we'll be able foster some mutual understanding.


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