DOE's D'Agostino plans Hanford tour next week

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Thomas D'Agostino, the Department of Energy undersecretary responsible for Hanford environmental cleanup, has planned a second visit to Hanford next week.

He'll see parts of the nuclear reservation he didn't get to see during his September 2011 visit and also will spend time at DOE's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland.

At the national laboratory Wednesdayhe'll receive updates on its work on national security issues, including work being done at its new Ultra-Trace Laboratory on radiation detection methods to identify weapons of mass destruction andterrorist activities. He also will review science programs doing work related to Hanford environmental cleanup.

On Thursday, he'll announce the opening of the 200 West Pump and Treat Facility in central Hanford, which has begun treating contaminated ground water for a variety of pollutants. He also is expected to visit the Plutonium Finishing Plant and the vitrification plant under construction.