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These tips will help you avoid Cyber Monday scams

The Better Business Bureau is reminding shoppers to protect their identity from scammers on Cyber Monday, a day when many online retailers will offer deals.

Hackers may be looking for information from kids and teens because of their usually good credit, according to the BBB. Make sure family members know not to give out personal information in emails or on social media.

Scammers also may try to trick young people into shopping based on what their peers or celebrities are wearing or using.

“It it’s too good to be true, do not click,” the BBB says. Be wary of links that say “free concert” or “free game.”

Before sending any personal information, make sure the website has an address that starts with “https://”.

If the S is included in the address, it means the website has been encrypted and is secure, which makes entering a credit card number or other information safer.