Sex offender admits Pasco's Peanuts Park is a park, gets jail time

A high-risk sex offender admitted he was violating state law when he was caught in downtown Pasco's Peanuts Park.

Jeffrey Wayde Hull, 44, pleaded guilty in Franklin County Superior Court to one felony charge of criminal trespass against children.

He was sentenced to one month in jail.

Pasco police Officer Jeremy Jones was in the one-acre concrete plaza the afternoon of July 28 when Hull walked in front of him.

Jones, who had been working with the department's Street Crimes Unit, was familiar with Hull.

Hull had signed documents informing him that, because of his criminal history, under state law he's not allowed at public places where kids gather, like schools, parks, swimming pools and libraries.

Hull said he didn't know the area south of Lewis Street was a designated city park, though he knew its name was Peanuts Park, court documents said.

Hull told the officer he knew he wasn't supposed to be in any parks, but said he was passing through in the shade because it was so hot outside, documents said.

His convictions include first-degree child molestation in 1995 and second-degree child molestation in 2000. His other felonies are for organized retail theft, taking a vehicle without permission and three burglaries.

Hull is classified as a Level III sex offender, meaning he is considered highly likely to commit a sex crime. He has said in court documents that he is homeless.

Pasco man, woman face trial for alleged meth trafficking

A Pasco man and woman face Oct. 22 trial dates for allegedly trafficking methamphetamine.

Enrique Reyes-Mata, 25, and Maricela Alfaro-Michel, 21, pleaded innocent to one count each of possessing meth with intent to deliver.

The charge includes special allegations that the crime was within a drug-free zone set by Pasco and that either the suspect or the accomplice at the time was armed.

Reyes-Mata also is charged with possessing a stolen gun.

A Chevrolet SUV was stopped late Aug. 19 as it pulled into a parking stall at the Sage 'N Sun Motel near the cable bridge.

Reyes-Mata, the driver, gave a Washington ID card and vehicle registration to Officer Jed Abastillas. The officer then discovered that Reyes-Mata did not have a valid driver's license and had four prior driving offenses.

As police arrested and searched Reyes-Mata, Alfaro-Michel walked up to the SUV, placed a child's car seat in the back and put her daughter in it.

Officers ordered Alfaro-Michel to take her child out because the vehicle was going to be towed.

She said she also needed to grab a diaper bag, and pulled a drawstring backpack from underneath the front passenger seat, court documents said.

Police already had found a large bundle of cash and a digital scale in Reyes-Mata's pockets, so they were concerned the backpack had a weapon, documents said.

Alfaro-Michel, who also goes by Maricela Michel Alfaro, handed it over and Officer Jeffrey Cobb reported finding two packages wrapped in several layers consistent with narcotics trafficking.

Officers got a search warrant and confirmed the packages held 2 pounds of meth with a street value of $25,000.

Officers found a small baggie of cocaine, another baggie of meth and a loaded, stolen .45-caliber pistol hidden in the Chevrolet, documents said.

-- Kristin M. Kraemer: 509-582-1531;; Twitter: @KristinMKraemer