Two cars reported stolen in Kennewick

Two cars were stolen early Thursday in Kennewick after they were left running to warm up, said Kennewick police.

The first theft happened at 6 a.m. when Sawpal Nee, 38, left a dark green 2000 Honda Accord warming up on the 1200 block of West Seventh Avenue.

Police said the car may have been involved in a hit-and-run accident in the area a short time later.

Another theft happened at the Circle K convenience store at 10th Avenue and South Washington Street at 7:30 a.m., police said. A woman was seen getting into a 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spider and driving away when it was left running in the parking lot.

The car driven by Jose Ignacio Sanchez Dominguez, 39, of Kennewick, is red with a brown top.

“This is a common theme when the weather gets cold like it is now,” Kennewick police Sgt. Ken Lattin said in a news release. “Victims will leave their car running, unlocked and unattended to warm up only to find an opportunistic thief has driven away in their vehicle.”

It’s unclear if the thefts are related, though they happened within a mile and half of each other and about an hour and a half apart, said police.

Anyone with information on the thefts is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 586-TIPS (8477) or 800-222-TIPS.