Police: Two arrested after stolen credit cards lead to stolen vehicle

A man and woman continued shopping in a Kennewick store after trying to buy a cart full of items with a stolen credit card, police said.

Roger D. Thompson, 38, of Shoreline, and Kerry Jo Turner, 33, of Winchester, Tenn., tried to buy the items at Target on Columbia Center Boulevard Sunday, Sgt. Ken Lattin said.

When the credit card didn’t work, the pair stayed in the store and continued to shop for more items, Lattin said. They told the clerk they couldn’t remember the pin number to the card.

Officers watched through security cameras as Thompson and Turner shopped, Lattin said. Thompson eventually got rid of numerous cards in the store and the pair was detained.

Police found stolen credit cards and identification belonging to a female from Union Gap on Thompson and Turner, Lattin said.

Police also discovered the pair drove a stolen BMW out of Seattle to the store, Lattin said. The license plates on the car were switched and police believe the pair allegedly stole the plates.

Both Thompson and Turner had multiple warrants and were arrested and booked into Benton County jail.