Pasco man in jail for alleged assault

A Pasco man is locked up on $200,000 bail after allegedly admitting he thought he gave a household member a concussion from hitting her so much in the face.

Manuel Erasmo Solis, 39, is accused of beating a 66-year-old woman all night long, often leaving the home only to return and punch or strangle her some more.

Police responded at 5:15 p.m. June 20 to a disturbance at a West A Street home and talked to Solis. He wasn’t supposed to be at the address based on a Pasco Municipal Court no-contact order that earlier was sought by the victim.

Solis’ relationship to the victim is not clear in Franklin County Superior Court documents.

Susan Hollister had two black eyes, a very swollen upper lip that was purple and black, scratches on her throat, blood in her eyes and lumps all over her face and head, documents said. Hollister told police that Solis had gotten angry with her and would hold her head by the hair and punch her repeatedly with a closed fist.

The victim reported that Solis had put his hands around her throat two different times and prevented her from breathing, adding that she thought she was going to die.

Solis grabbed Hollister’s hair and swung her head back against the wall, documents said. He also allegedly hit the wall with a baseball bat just above Hollister’s head, leaving several holes in the wall while telling Hollister he was going to kill her if he went to jail or when he got out.

Once in custody, Solis admitted to everything Hollister had told Officer Trever Sweeney, documents said.

Solis is charged with assault in violation of a no-contact order, second-degree assault and felony harassment. The charges, all felonies, also include domestic violence allegations. Solis has pleaded innocent and is scheduled for trial Aug. 21. The court said he must stay away from the victim with these new charges.

-- Kristin M. Kraemer: 582-1531;; Twitter: @KristinMKraemer