Burbank man pleads innocent in Pasco shooting

A 28-year-old man pleaded innocent Tuesday to allegations he knocked on the door of a Pasco home and shot the person who answered.

Juan Carlos Aranda Sarabia faces an April 17 trial in Franklin County Superior Court for first-degree assault.

Aranda Sarabia was arrested shortly after the Feb. 12 incident when Pasco police found him kneeling in front of the victim's Oregon Avenue apartment complex. The Burbank man allegedly was trying to conceal a pistol-gripped 12-gauge shotgun inside his sweater.

According to police and court documents, Aranda Sarabia went to the home that night and asked for someone who didn't live in the apartment.

Alfredo Leyva closed the front door to his home, but answered it again when there was a second knock. That's when Aranda Sarabia pointed the shotgun at Leyva and shot him in the stomach, documents said.

Leyva, 41, his girlfriend and her two children had just returned home from a shopping trip. They reportedly found it burglarized with the TV gone.

The girlfriend told officers that after Leyva was shot, she jumped at the door, slammed it shut and called 911, court documents said. Aranda Sarabia was arrested outside.

A neighbor told police she saw Aranda Sarabia with the shotgun in front of the family's apartment and heard a loud boom, documents said.

Leyva was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for his wound.

Aranda Sarabia also is identified in court documents with the last name of Aranda and Sarabia-Aranda. He remains in the county jail on $200,000 bail.

Man gets 1 year in prison for helping steal copper

A 43-year-old man will spend a year in prison for helping steal two spools of copper wire worth $15,000 from a Pasco business.

William Robert Murray was sentenced after his Feb. 12 guilty plea to first-degree theft.

He was the passenger in a 1988 Ford Ranger that drove into the Townsend Controls compound at 1 p.m. Nov. 21 and spent about five minutes in the rear fenced area.

Employees, who saw the truck leave with the two spools, tried to follow but were unsuccessful, court documents said. They didn't call police right away.

The Ford returned to the 2040 N. Commercial Ave. business about 11/2 hours later, this time with Murray behind the wheel, documents said.

As soon as the truck drove into the compound, employees closed the gate and blocked the truck from leaving while they waited for police to arrive. The truck reportedly was stolen in Kennewick.

His passenger, Nicole A. Hornbuckle, reportedly told police they thought they were "scrapping," not stealing, court documents said.

Witnesses said Hornbuckle drove the truck the first time they came to the business, but she denied it.

She said they dumped the wire near Seventh Avenue and Yakima Street in Pasco, documents said.

Officers found two spools of coaxial cable and one empty copper wire spool behind a building on the 700 block of West Yakima Street. The spools from Townsend Controls never were found.

Hornbuckle pleaded innocent to first-degree theft and was sentenced last month.

Murray must help pay $4,838 in restitution.

His criminal history includes convictions for second-degree identity theft, second-degree theft and possession of methamphetamine.