Fire scorches water-damaged Richland home

The latest in a string of bad luck sparked Saturday morning for Regina Rees when the second story of the home she shares with her daughter Sabrina Christensen caught fire.

Richland firefighters were dispatched at 7:58 a.m. and put out the fire by 8:07 a.m., but the house at 1611 Perkins Ave. had already taken significant damage.

They weren't home at the time, though, since the house was under renovation for water damage after a pipe burst on June 25. That happened a week after Christensen's horse died unexpectedly and the Herald profiled the family in a July 15 story.

"It's been a tough 1 1/2 months," said Rees, who has been battling pneumonia for about a week.

She and her daughter had been staying with her parents Wilbur and Reba Rees, who also own the house at 1611 Perkins Ave., and repairs had just begun on the house.

Richland Fire Batalion Chief James Hempstead credited Benton Fire District 4 and Hanford Fire Department units for helping put the fire out so quickly, and the cause is under investigation.

To help, call Regina at 727-5631.

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