Kennewick family loses Christmas gifts, vehicle to burglars

KENNEWICK -- A Kennewick family's home was ransacked Friday afternoon, with burglars making off with almost $30,000 in electronics, computers, jewelry, Christmas gifts and the family car, a 2007 red Dodge Charger.

Javier and Cecilia Garcia, who live at 3906 S. Quincy St. with their three children, were not at home when the burglary took place between 12:30 and 3 p.m., Javier Garcia said.

"When my daughter came home from school she noticed the garage door was open and the car was gone," he said. "Then when she went into the house she saw broken glass on the floor at the back door where they came in, and when she walked to her bedroom saw that her television was gone."

Further inspection found the master bedroom had been ransacked, jewelry taken, mattress turned over and personal papers rifled through, he added.

Javier Garcia said the burglars also made off with several hundred dollars worth of presents, including Nintendo games. Several Christmas gifts also were in the trunk of car.

"But they didn't take everything because one TV was left behind along with a Blu-Ray player," he said.

Javier Garcia, a production supervisor for Tyson Company, said it is unsettling to know burglars have been in your home, and losing all the Christmas presents for kids, nieces and nephews is disappointing.

"I'm more thankful no one was home when this happened because they could have been hurt," he said. "I can replace things, but not people."

Javier Garcia, 31, and his brother Serafin Garcia, 25, caution the public to be extra careful during the holidays, and for neighbors to keep an eye out for each other since criminals are getting bolder.

"My neighbor saw my car pull out of the garage but she thought it was me," Javier Garcia said. "But she also said I was driving a little too fast too. I live in a nice, quiet neighborhood so this kind of thing to happen is disturbing."

Serafin Garcia agrees with his brother about neighbors watching out for each other.

"I don't know why, but there always seems to be so much more crime during the holidays," he said.

Kennewick police continue to investigate the burglary. Kennewick police Officer Ron Salter said Saturday that the burglary appears to be an isolated incident.

Salter said residents should keep their residences secure and valuables out of view from outside of their homes. Proper lighting and security systems also can deter break-ins.

And if people see anything suspicious in their neighborhoods, Salter said they should call and report it to police.

Anyone with information on the incident should call the nonemergency number at 628-0333, or Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers at 509-586-8477 or

* Dori O'Neal: 509-582-1514;