Seattle man will face trial for alleged assault

A Seattle man faces trial Oct. 26 on allegations that he ordered an attack on a Pasco man as "a debt collection practice."

Jorge Quintanilla, 50, pleaded innocent in Franklin County Superior Court to first-degree assault.

The victim, Enrique Salas-Rubio, suffered facial fractures as a result of being hit with a pallet and a 2-by-4. He lost vision in his left eye and his sense of smell.

Court documents show that Quintanilla told the victim to go to a Pasco shop July 29, 2010, and get an electric saw. When Salas-Rubio showed up, Quintanilla was there with two men who were said to be Quintanilla's truck drivers, documents said.

Quintanilla allegedly demanded money from the victim, but Salas-Rubio said he needed to pay his vendors first. Salas-Rubio told investigators he was looking at Quintanilla when he told the men there was no money, and he saw Quintanilla nod at the other two as if signaling to go ahead, court documents said.

Salas-Rubio said the men attacked him, but he was able to get away by going into another room and pretending to get a weapon. He waited a few minutes after the men left the 205 S. Fourth Ave. building, then tried to walk outside but was confronted by one man coming at him with a pallet, documents said.

Quintanilla reportedly blocked him when he tried to run back inside, and Salas-Rubio was struck with the pallet and knocked to the ground.

Salas-Rubio said the second man hit him in the head with a 2-by-4 and the first man hit him repeatedly with a tire iron, court documents said. He was bleeding badly and losing consciousness, and pleaded with Quintanilla to call an ambulance and not to kill him, documents said.

Quintanilla allegedly called 911 to report a man being hit in the face with a baseball bat, but gave dispatchers the wrong description of the suspects and vehicle. Pasco officers found Salas-Rubio semi-conscious on the ground.

Salas-Rubio was flown to a Seattle hospital for treatment.

Quintanilla is being held in the Franklin County jail on $100,000 bail.

His lawyer, Gabriel Banfi of Bellevue, recently tried to get the amount lowered by arguing that his client has lived in Washington for 14 years and would not abandon his wife or family.

Deputy Prosecutor Teddy Chow argued that the assault was part of Quintanilla's debt collection practice and described him as a substantial danger to the community if released.

Judge Cameron Mitchell noted that Quintanilla has ties to the state, "but certainly very minimal ties to the local area." The judge said a reduction is not warranted because Quintanilla's "activities suggest disregard for the community."

Pasco men face charges in gang-related shooting

Two Pasco men are each being held on $200,000 bail for their alleged involvement in a gang-related shooting Aug. 21 outside a convenience store.

Miguel Angel Francisco Mayoral, 27, and Peter Michael Moreno, 18, face Oct. 26 trials.

Francisco Mayoral is charged with drive-by shooting and alien in possession of a firearm. Moreno has one charge of drive-by shooting.

A group of five to six gang members was standing outside the Pik A Pop on North Third Avenue when an older Cadillac pulled up near them. Two men got out of the car and approached the group.

A witness told police she saw a man, later identified as Francisco Mayoral, remove a gun from his waist, pull back the slide and point it at the head of each rival gang member, court documents said. Francisco Mayoral fired twice into the air over their heads, jumped back into the Cadillac and took off.

The gun was described as a .45-caliber pistol.

Moreno is alleged to have gotten out of the car with Francisco Mayoral. A young teen also was arrested for being with the pair.

If the men make bail, they have been ordered not to possess alcohol or drugs without a doctor's prescription and not to associate with known gang members in person, on the phone or through electronic means. They must follow a curfew of 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., and not drive without a valid license or insurance.