Kennewick man charged with detaining girls

KENNEWICK — A Kennewick man accused of locking two neighborhood girls in his apartment for making too much noise is facing a felony charge.

Tommy Newton McMillan, 59, is expected to make his first appearance Wednesday in Benton County Superior Court.

He was charged Monday with one count of unlawful imprisonment. Bail was set at $5,000.

McMillan has been in jail since Wednesday evening when he allegedly held two girls, 10 and 11, in his apartment at 1804 W. 21 St., because they reportedly were making too much noise outside.

McMillan said he heard something hit the side of his house and yelled at the children playing outside, police said. He confronted two of the girls, ordered them inside his place, locked the door and called police, court documents said.

The 11-year-old girl is Carolyn Sky's granddaughter. Sky, who lives in a nearby duplex at 19th and South Rainier Street, said other neighbor kids who saw what happened pounded on her door "just hysterical" and said a man had taken her granddaughter and her friend inside his place.

"I panicked," Sky said. "I get there, looked inside and I can see my granddaughter sitting on the loveseat. I told her to get up and get out of here, and the way she looked at me -- she was just frozen with fear. She was petrified."

By the time Sky got there, McMillan had opened the front door. She said her granddaughter was too afraid to get up, so she walked in, stood behind the loveseat and told the girls to leave. McMillan started yelling at her to get out of his apartment, and she said he grabbed her hair and started dragging her around.

"Nothing went through my mind except to go in there and get her out," Sky said.

The other girl's parents also were there and at some point the girl's father allegedly was slapped by McMillan.

The girls ran out of the apartment during the scuffle, Sky said.

Sky's granddaughter told her they were jumping on a board that was making noise and didn't pound on the side of the apartment.

Kennewick police officers arrested McMillan after the girls said they didn't leave his home because they were afraid of him, court documents said.

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