2 more jailed in deadly Kennewick burglary

KENNEWICK -- Two more suspects were identified Wednesday in connection with last week's deadly burglary in Kennewick while the shooter appeared in court on unrelated drug charges.

Jorge Hernandez and Dwight Norwood were identified by police as being in the car with Tyler Stock before he was killed early Jan. 11 while allegedly attempting to rob a Buntin Street resident.

Meanwhile, the man who says he opened fire when Stock forced his way into his home asked to postpone his court hearing.

Ramon Madrigal, 28, is charged in Benton County Superior Court with possessing marijuana over 40 grams and possessing marijuana with intent to manufacture or deliver it.

He told Judge Vic VanderSchoor he understood his rights and agreed to waive a speedy arraignment.

When Madrigal first appeared last week in Benton County District Court, he was represented by lawyer Bob Thompson. On Wednesday, Thompson informed the judge that Madrigal "is trying to arrange funding for an attorney" and needed another week.

Prosecutor Andy Miller said that he was OK with the delay because Madrigal did appear in court as scheduled.

Madrigal has been out of custody since Jan. 13 after posting bond on $15,000 bail.

Prosecutors are reviewing police reports, but have not filed any charges in relation to the homicide.

A third suspect, Armando Martin Rodriguez-Willis, was charged last week with first-degree burglary.

He will appear in court today, along with Hernandez, 20, of Pasco, who was charged Wednesday with first-degree attempted robbery with a firearm.

Hernandez has been in the Benton County jail since Jan. 12, when he was arrested on a Department of Corrections warrant.

Rodriguez-Willis, 20, of Kennewick, is being held on $100,000 bail.

Norwood, 38, of Kennewick, was arrested Wednesday by Kennewick police and is on a 72-hour hold for investigation of first-degree burglary, said Sgt. Ken Lattin.

Police and prosecutors allege that Rodriguez-Willis drove Stock, Hernandez and Norwood to 206 N. Buntin St., where they planned to rob Madrigal because "he supposedly has $70,000 in cash," said court documents.

One witness told a Kennewick detective that Rodriguez-Willis, who uses the nickname "Dopey," had stopped by his apartment asking "if he would be interested in collecting money," Miller wrote in court documents.

The man told Rodriguez-Willis he wasn't interested and walked him out to his car.

That witness then called Stock to relay the offer, and reportedly tried to discourage him from going with Rodriguez-Willis, documents said.

Madrigal and his girlfriend told police that after hearing a light knock at the door, Madrigal asked who was there several times before loading his gun and unlocking the dead bolt.

That's when Madrigal claims the intruder pushed the door open and came in, and Madrigal began shooting.

Madrigal said the man was wearing a blue bandana around his face and a cap on his head.

He said he didn't see anyone else outside, but thought someone ran south as shots were fired.

Dispatchers received a 911 call at 1:21 a.m. about the break-in.

Stock, 20, of Kennewick, was found dead on the front steps with his legs inside the door.

Police reports said a gun was found next to his feet.

Court documents allege that in the brief time between the shooting and the first officer's arrival, Madrigal ran into his backyard and tossed a backpack over the fence that contained a scale and eight individually wrapped bags of marijuana totaling more than 1 pound.

He initially denied trying to hide anything from police, then told detectives he dropped the pack over the fence when he knew the police were coming because it contained pot from prior grows, documents said.

Madrigal allegedly said that he traded marijuana and has a medical marijuana card that expired last year.

Inside the Buntin Street home, investigators also reportedly found drug paraphernalia, a digital scale and numerous plastic bags of "green vegetable matter" in a freezer, on a kitchen counter and inside a drawer and in a few locations in the master bedroom.

Police arrested Rodriguez-Willis about 23 hours later.

During his interview with detectives, Rodriguez-Willis said he had last seen Stock about 10 p.m. Jan 10 when they were in a car together, court documents said.

Investigators had been told that Stock and at least one other person had been seen in Rodriguez-Willis' Chevy Malibu shortly before the shooting.

Rodriguez-Willis said the Malibu was at his cousin's house in Pasco but refused to give the address, documents said.

Shortly after being locked up, Rodriguez-Willis called his grandmother and told her "to get someone to get the car and clean it up," Miller said in the charging documents.

Their conversation was recorded by the jail.

Later that day, police found a blue Malibu in a backyard of a North Cedar Avenue home.

The car, which couldn't be seen from the street, is registered to Rodriguez-Willis, documents said.

Hernandez lives at 631 N. Cedar Ave., where the Malibu was found, according to the court documents filed against him Wednesday.

After his arrest on an unrelated charge, Hernandez "told the police that he participated in the robbery of Madrigal" along with Stock and the two other suspects, those documents said.

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