Young woman found dead in Pasco

PASCO — A woman found dead Monday evening in Pasco is believed to be a 19-year-old from West Richland who is pregnant and has been missing since Saturday, officials said.

Few details were available late Monday as Pasco police were just beginning their death investigation, said Sgt. Brent Cook.

Cook did confirm that a body was found on the east side of Pasco around 7 p.m. Monday.

A suspect is being sought, but no information was released about the suspect or the suspect's relationship to the missing woman.

Two Pasco patrol units were stationed outside a home on Waldemar Avenue late Monday to keep it secured until investigators could get a warrant to search the house in connection with the death investigation.

West Richland police Sgt. Scott Bravo confirmed that a 19-year-old who was about nine months pregnant was reported missing from West Richland on Saturday.

Bravo said he couldn't release any additional information about the missing person's report because he didn't want it to hamper Pasco's death investigation.

When asked if the body found in Pasco is connected to the West Richland's missing person case, Sgt. Cook said, "We believe it might be."

During the day Monday, officers reportedly tried tracking the woman's cell phone to find her.

The West Richland woman's car was found in Pasco about an hour before the body was found, Cook said.

The car was seized for evidence.

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