Teen gets jail for DVD theft, destruction

A Richland teen was sentenced to three months in jail for stealing or destroying in her shoplifting attempts nearly $1,400 in DVDs from two Target stores.

Katrina Amber Gatzke, 19, pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree theft and one count of second-degree malicious mischief.

She can serve the jail time on work crew, if eligible.

It started Sept. 20 when Gatzke and her friend picked up a number of movies in the Kennewick Target. Gatzke took the DVDs into the bathroom and unsuccessfully tried to remove them from the packaging, so she destroyed them, court documents said.

The damage in that case totaled $677.

Then on Oct. 1, Gatzke went to the Richland Target and, while her friend served as lookout, she took several DVDs into the bathroom, court documents said.

She ended up making off with about $430 worth of them, documents said.

During an Oct. 13 visit to the Kennewick store, loss prevention officers reportedly saw Gatzke select various DVDs and put them in her purse. Once again her friend was the lookout.

They were stopped after leaving the store without paying for the movies, documents said. The DVDs in her purse added up to $274.

Gatzke now must pay $1,381 back to the two stores. She had no felony convictions before this case, court documents showed.