Kennewick man faces trial for check forging

A Kennewick man faces a Feb. 9 trial on allegations he forged a $1,500 check and used stolen personal information from an elderly man to get credit cards online and buy merchandise.

Trevor Nelson Aagaard, 20, pleaded innocent to forgery and second-degree identity theft.

Prosecutors allege Aagaard tried to cash the check at a Kennewick Money Tree on Sept. 26.

That's when he reportedly caught the attention of police.

Aagaard also is accused of stealing credit card information and the Social Security card of a 70-year-old retired Kennewick man "after having been let into the house to use the bathroom," court documents said.

Aagaard used those credit card numbers to buy more than $1,500 worth of items, and opened three new credit accounts, documents said.

"(Aagaard) used his father's computers, along with a computer at the library, to order items and open the credit accounts," prosecutors said in court documents.

He reportedly admitted to the fraudulent activity when interviewed by police.