West Richland man faces trial in assault of couple

A 27-year-old West Richland man angered by a honking horn is accused of breaking the front teeth of the car's two occupants.

Adalberto Licon Jr. claims the couple assaulted him first, but prosecutors claim he provoked the confrontation by shattering the car's side mirror.

Court documents claim a Richland husband and wife were temporarily staying at a Richland motel Nov. 17 when they came upon Licon and his friend walking in the hotel's parking lot.

Anthony Aukerman, 40, reportedly honked his horn at the men to move out of the way. Licon then became angry and hit the car's side mirror, court documents said.

Laura Aukerman, 39, confronted Licon and ended up being hit several times in the face, documents said.

Anthony Aukerman intervened and also was punched in the face, documents said.

Laura Aukerman's right front tooth was split down the center. One of Anthony Aukerman's teeth was knocked loose and barely attached, prosecutors said. Both required medical treatment.

Licon ran away, but Richland police found him trying to leave through the back door of a nearby home. He said the Aukermans' car hit his arm.

Licon pleaded innocent to second- and third-degree assault. His trial is Jan. 12. Bail is set at $10,000.