Richland woman held for DUI, fight with cops

A 46-year-old Richland woman was arrested after she was found slumped over the steering wheel in a parked car with the engine running and the stereo blasting, West Richland Police Chief Layne Erdman said.

Georgia Cooper-Johnson was first spotted around 5 a.m. Saturday by a motorist who saw a car parked on Keene Road and stopped to check, Erdman said. The motorist saw a woman passed out over the steering wheel, he said.

Cooper-Johnson woke up and pulled the car forward a bit and the motorist left.

Around 6:30 a.m., a West Richland officer found her in the same place and same condition.

She was "very, very intoxicated and belligerent," Erdman said, noting that the officer wrote a "very colorful report because of (Cooper-Johnson's) language and actions."

She reportedly tried to kick officers and assault them while they tried to arrest her. At the jail, she stomped on an officer's hand, he said.

She also refused to submit to a test to check her blood-alcohol level, Erdman said.

Cooper-Johnson was booked into the Benton County jail on suspicion of third-degree assault and driving under the influence.