A man attacked their SUV in Pasco. This father was armed and ready

A Pasco father had just one response for a gun-wielding man who stood in front of his family’s SUV and started firing a gun into the air.

He fired back.

The man and his family were driving through the area near South Hugo Avenue and East Alton Street in a Chevy Tahoe.

The family crossed paths with a heavyset man who began screaming, pounding on the hood of the SUV and firing a gun into the air.

Pasco police say the father — who had a concealed pistol license — fired a warning shot from a 9 mm Glock he carried.

Then he slammed his SUV into reverse.

Investigators say Jose L. Loera, 28, wasn’t done with the family. He started chasing the Tahoe.

The father fired twice more at the man before driving away. Once safe, the family called 911.

Jose L Loera

After escaping, the family called 911 to report the shooting.

Around the same time, a man appeared at a home on the 200 block of North Owen Avenue yelling that he was shot and threatening to shoot people.

Police found Loera walking away from the home.

While witnesses identified Loera, officers did not find a gun on him when he was arrested.

They believe it’s still somewhere between the intersections of Hugo Avenue and Alton Street and North Owen Avenue and East Adelia Street.

If you find the gun, don’t touch it.

Pasco police ask you to call 911 and wait for officers.

Loera was booked into the Franklin County jail on suspicion of unlawfully possessing a firearm and threatening to kill the family.

Police are asking anyone with additional information about the case to call police at 509-545-3421 during the day or non-emergency dispatch at 509-545-3510 during nights and weekends.

Cameron Probert: 509-582-1402, @cameroncprobert