Pasco man shot by police too injured to stay in jail

Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond says a Pasco shooting suspect is too injured to be housed at his jail.

Espejo is charged with three counts of attempted murder in a Sept. 16 shooting that involved three Pasco police officers. Capt. Ken Roske said the officers shot Espejo after he fired at them.

Raymond said Espejo was released Sept. 27 from Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland to the Washington State Penitentary in Walla Walla.

At the time, it was unclear why Espejo was taken to the state prison.

“Because of Espejo’s medical conditions, Franklin County Corrections made arrangements for Espejo to be housed at a more efficient secure medical facility,” Raymond explained in a news release Thursday.

He did not detail what those medical conditions were. Pasco officers shot Espejo several times. His wife told the Herald he was shot seven times.

Raymond said as soon as Espejo is medically cleared, he will be booked into the Franklin County jail.