Pasco man arrested for cocaine tries to bribe officer with Taco Bell

c Pasco Police Department

A Pasco man who allegedly offered to hook up a police officer with food from Taco Bell if he ignored some cocaine baggies, wound up in jail instead.

Officer Joshua Glass stopped a black Honda Accord at 2 a.m. Thursday near Road 68 and Burden Boulevard for a minor equipment violation, said Pasco police.

Glass spotted baggies of white powder in the center console, which the driver apparently tried to conceal with a cellphone. The driver, Eric X. Vela Arriaga, 27, of Pasco, asked the officer to ignore the baggies in exchange for a trip to Taco Bell.

The officer declined and Arriaga was booked into the Franklin County jail on an investigative hold for possessing cocaine. He was later released.

The car was impounded to be searched later. During the search, officers seized several baggies of cocaine of various sizes and marijuana.

The Franklin County prosecutors are reviewing the case for potential charges, police officers said.