Attorney: Pasco jury awards $36,000 for shooting death of dog

A Franklin County man has been awarded $36,475 after his neighbors shot his English springer spaniel, according to the man’s attorney.

Attorney Adam Karp, of Bellingham, said in a news release that it may be the largest jury verdict in Washington for the wrongful death of a dog.

The dog, Chucky, belonged to James Anderson, 56, of Eltopia, who is disabled, Karp said. Chucky was trained as a hunting dog, but also understood 100 words, could ride on a motorcycle and climb ladders.

Defendants in the lawsuit were Anderson’s neighbors, Scott and Lori Hayles and their three preteen sons. They were accused of shooting Chucky while trapshooting on March 9, 2014, and concealing the incident.

After a trial in Franklin County Superior Court, a jury ruled for Anderson on Aug. 3, the release said. The award included $15,000 for emotional distress.