Kadlec nurses ratify contract

Registered nurses at Kadlec Regional Medical Center overwhelmingly approved a new three-year contract on Monday.

“We bargained hard, and we know the tremendous support from nurses and the community got us a far better contract than we would have gotten without it. This is a fair contract that supports great patient care,” said Kelsi Duncan, bargaining team member, in a statement.

Kadlec officials said they’re pleased as well. “We look forward to continuing to build on the work we’ve done to provide our patients the highest level of care possible,” they said in a statement.

Staffing levels, paid time and sick leave were sticking points in negotiations.

The contact approved Monday includes three percent wage increases for the next three years, with retroactive pay to October 2015. It also retains existing paid time off accrual rates and increases the accrual cap, and it preserves earned illness bank hours that already are accrued.