Pasco man gets 5 years for dealing meth out of his house

A Pasco man has been sentenced to five years in state prison for selling methamphetamine to customers who would pull up in front of his home.

A judge ordered Gregg Lewis Flieger, 41, to do the time for his Franklin County Superior Court convictions.

He entered an Alford plea Sept. 16 to two counts of delivering methamphetamine and one count each of possessing hydrocodone, methamphetamine and marijuana, all with the intent to deliver.

The Alford plea means he denied committing the crimes but believed prosecutors had enough evidence for a jury to find him guilty.

The original charges included the allegation that Flieger possessed or sold the drugs within a drug-free zone per Pasco Municipal Code.

Those enhancements were dismissed as part of plea negotiations.

Detectives with Pasco's Street Crimes Unit worked with a confidential informant to twice buy crystal meth at Flieger's Road 84 home, according to court documents.

The purchases occurred during the first two weeks in March, and each time police gave the informant prerecorded money, documents said.

Authorities arrested Flieger the morning of March 12 in his backyard.

He waived his rights and agreed to speak with police, who then asked where the meth was kept so they did not have to search the entire house.

Flieger reportedly said it could be found in a container in his bedroom, and gave specific directions to his room.

He further admitted to dealing meth for about one month, but claimed the marijuana inside his bedroom only was for personal use, court documents said.

In Flieger's bedroom, police seized 36.01 grams of crystal meth, digital scales with marijuana residue, five hydrocodone pills in a plastic baggie and 347.04 grams of prepackaged marijuana.

They also found $2,150 in cash in envelopes, hidden under the mattress, along with $150 in a tin can with 1 ounce of meth, documents said.

The serial numbers on one $20 bill and two $5 bills found in his room matched the prerecorded dollars used by the confidential informant.

Flieger's live-in girlfriend told officers she didn't know anything about the meth and believed the money stashed under the mattress was from the marijuana her boyfriend sold, court documents said.

The girlfriend confirmed for police that Flieger also was selling pot, contrary to his earlier claims, documents said.

Flieger was ordered to pay more than $5,600 in court costs and fees, including $80 to the police department's Street Crimes Unit and a $3,000 fine for meth cleanup.

-- Kristin M. Kraemer: 509-582-1531; kkraemer@tricityherald.com; Twitter: @KristinMKraemer