Corn maze near Pasco features Seattle Seahawks logo, 12th Man flag

The owners of a Pasco corn maze are hoping to harness the power of the 12th Man when they open the labyrinth Sept. 27.

This year's Middleton's Fall Festival's corn maze on Pasco Kahlotus Road will feature a Seattle Seahawks-themed design complete with the team's logo, a 12th Man flag and the words "Go Seahawks" cut into the corn.

The design was mowed into about five acres of the farm's corn crop planted in June, said Keith Middleton of Middleton Six Sons Farm. Corn typically is planted in the middle of April, Middleton said.

"You've got to plant it really late so it stays tall and green," Middleton said.

The Middleton family is still deciding on the cost of admission and which hours the maze will be open.

Last year marked the first Middleton's Fall Festival.

"This is all new to us," Middleton said. "We just want to make sure we do it right."

Six Sons Farm's primary crops include sweet corn, field corn, alfalfa, asparagus, Teff Grass hay and green peas. Proceeds from the maze should offset the five acres of lost crop.

"You may not get a crop," Middleton said of the corn stalks in and around the maze. "But you're not really growing it for a crop. You're growing it for a maze."

Incorporating the Seahawk's logo and 12th Man flag into the maze's design was a no-brainer, Middleton said.

"It's definitely time to have it with all the Seahawks things going on right now," he said. "We're excited to have it."

Seahawks officials gave the maze their blessing, Middleton said.

"I'm supposed to send them a picture here in a little bit so they can put it on their Facebook page," Middleton said.

Anyone interested in learning more about the maze can call 509-492-0116 or go to www.middletonsfallfestival.com.

-- Drew Foster: 509-582-1513; dfoster@tricityherald.com