Richland Energy Services plans substation upgrade, residents may hear controlled detonations

Richland Energy Services plans to upgrade an electrical substation off Robertson Drive and Highway 240, and residents this week may hear controlled detonations about as loud as a shotgun or large firework in the immediate area as a result.

The upgrade involves reworking some high voltage transmission lines, and “this will require a contractor to install splices on the line using an implosive sleeve product,” a city release said.

“The splices made by the implosive sleeve product fuse the wires and makes a better connection which will have a longer operational life and improved reliability,” the release said.

Three splices will be installed at once; the controlled detonations are scheduled for late Tuesday morning but could happen later in the week if needed, the release said.

It said a “trained and licensed contractor” will store, transport and install the splices.