Sunnyside city manager might make position official today

The man chosen to be Sunnyside’s next city manager may make it official Monday.

Donald Day, the candidate unanimously picked late last month by the Sunnyside City Council to permanently fill the turnover-wracked position of city manager, will visit the city and attend Monday’s council meeting.

The city and Day, currently the manager of Colfax County, N.M., are negotiating the details of a contract, which they may finalize Monday, said Mayor Jim Restucci.

“That actually is my hope,” Restucci said.

If Day agrees to the contract Monday, the city will distribute copies to the council members and public, and the Council will vote at the meeting.

Day would become the city’s sixth permanent city manager since 1998.

Currently, John Darrington of Richland is acting as the interim manager and led the search for Day.

Also Monday, the council will vote whether to tweak the job title and responsibilities of the finance director to add director of administrative services.

Currently, David Layden is serving as the interim finance director and has expressed interest in staying in Sunnyside, Restucci said.

Layden, Darrington and Day have been discussing the proposed changes to the position, which would pay a salary range of $83,000 to $104,000 per year, Restucci said. That’s an increase from the finance director’s position current range of $79,000 to $96,000.

In Sunnyside’s government, the city manager hires and supervises all employees, while the council creates and changes positions.

Elected officials partially blame turnover in both the city manager’s spot and finance director’s chair for an estimated $46,000 in fines and interest due to three years of missed, late and inaccurate payments by the city to various government agencies. Officials may contest some of the charges.

Darrington has been leading the search for a permanent finance director but would stop it if Layden decides to stay, Restucci said.

The council meets at 6:30 p.m. at the Sunnyside Law and Justice Center, 401 Homer St.