Stray bullet hits WA rental car; no injuries

A Texas man says a stray bullet hit the rental car carrying his family as they stopped at a red light in the city of SeaTac.

The man and his wife heard a loud “pop” Thursday but neither they nor their 2-year-old daughter was hurt.

KOMO-TV reported that Shane Simpson said he first thought someone was throwing rocks. He pulled over to investigate and realized the car had a bullet hole.

King County sheriff’s Sgt. Cindi West said it’s virtually impossible to determine where the bullet came from because it could have traveled a long way. She said celebratory gunfire on holidays like July Foruth “is pretty common” — although dangerous.

Simpson said he’s a recreational shooter himself, but added that he had to "come all the way to Washington to take a round."

The family was visiting relatives in Tacoma.