Former Franklin County commissioner Ken Miller dies

Former Franklin County Commissioner Ken Miller, 82, died Friday in Richland.

Miller served as commissioner for 12 years, before he retired in 1992. His sister-in-law Sue Miller and nephew Rick Miller since have served as commissioners.

Before running for office, Miller, a Block 17 farmer, led a farmers' protest against property re-evaluations in irrigated farm blocks.

He sued the county to gain access to documents used to determine his tax assessments. The case went to the state Supreme Court, where he won.

In 1983, when Franklin County faced a $300,000 deficit, pressure was mounting to raid the road fund to pay the bills and avoid layoffs. But Miller, a Republican, resisted and prevailed.

"He is someone who studies an issue, is well prepared and doesn't just start in the middle," said Valoria Loveland, then treasurer, when Miller announced he would not run again in 1992.