West Nile mosquito found in Benton County

The Benton County Mosquito Control District on Thursday reported the season's first West Nile-positive mosquitoes trapped in the county.

The first West Nile-positive mosquitoes found in the state this year were caught in Franklin County in July.

The district will spray pesticide by aircraft in areas where mosquitoes are thickest starting at 10 p.m. Saturday.

Although the virus can be transmitted to birds, horses and people, West Nile has been reported only in mosquitoes so far this year.

Health officials recommend avoiding mosquitoes by wearing bug repellent and protective clothing when mosquitoes are active.

Getting rid of standing water around the home can limit breeding grounds.

Because birds can carry the virus, people also are encouraged to report dead birds.

You can report dead birds to the Benton Franklin Health District by calling 460-HAWK (460-4295).

Updated West Nile virus information is online at www.doh.wa.gov.