Richland City Council approves winery annexation

Richland could be 51 acres larger before the end of the year.

Tuesday night, the Richland City Council gave tentative approval to an ordinance that would annex properties along Tulip Lane, Queensgate Drive, Jericho Road and Jericho Court.

By annexing the land, Rick Simon, city development services manager, expects Richland will receive about $60,000 each year in sales and property taxes.

The acres are surrounded by the city and include three wineries, Tagaris, Barnard Griffin and J. Bookwalter. Tagaris and Bookwalter also have on-site restaurants. The area also includes a kennel run on Jericho Court.

The land would be zoned agricultural, and property owners would be allowed to continue using their land as they are now. The only exception is one small parcel on the east side of Queensgate Drive, which sports several small billboards. They are considered off-site advertising and aren't permitted under city codes. The existing signs could remain, but new ones would not be permitted.