Gregoire urges farmers to report storm losses

Gov. Chris Gregoire and state Agriculture Director Dan Newhouse are urging all farmers who lost crops in recent summer storms to report those losses to area Farm Service Agencies.

If the state can show 30 percent of one type of crop was lost in one county then all crop losses in that county, and adjacent counties become eligible for compensation.

But that means farmers anywhere in the state who lost crops to the storms must report that information to the Farm Service Agency in their county.

Farmers do not need to have crop insurance to report losses.

Farm Service Agencies:

w Benton County, 415 Wine Country Road, Prosser, 509-786-1923

w Franklin County, 1533 E. Spokane St., Pasco, 545-8543 ext. 100

w Adams County, 506 Weber Ave., Ritzville, 509-659-1761

w Grant County, 2145 Basin St. SW, Ephrata, 509-754-2463

w Walla Walla County, 325 N. 13th St., Walla Walla, 509-522-6347

w Yakima County, 1606 Perry St., Yakima, 509-454-5746