Court roundup: Attorney seeking mental evaluation for Pasco sex offender

The defense attorney for a Pasco sex offender accused of peeping in the windows of a Pasco home said he wants his client's mental health evaluated.

John Cory Imus, 49, was in Franklin County Superior Court to enter a plea to one count of voyeurism, but attorney Scott Johnson delayed the arraignment.

Johnson said he would like to have Imus evaluated by Eastern State Hospital psychologists. Imus is expected to be back in court today to have the request formally approved.

Imus was arrested Dec. 12 after allegedly looking in the window of a home on North Eighth Avenue three times, court documents said.

In one incident, Imus was spotted by the resident's teen daughter as he watched her in her room, documents said.

The girl said she was in her room getting dressed when she heard something near her window. When she looked out, she saw Imus at her window, documents said.

The residents called 911 after seeing Imus the third time, and police caught him nearby. He reportedly told police he had touched himself sexually when he looked in the window, documents said.

Imus moved into the 100 block of North Seventh Avenue about a month earlier.

He is classified as a Level 3 sex offender, which means he is considered highly likely to reoffend. He was convicted in 2001 in Franklin County of voyeurism.

Kidnapping suspect to appear in court

A 31-year-old Richland man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a Pasco woman is expected to appear today in Franklin County Superior Court.

Jonathan Keenan Gordon was supposed to enter a plea last week to charges of first-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping with sexual motivation and second-degree assault with sexual motivation.

But Gordon is in custody in the Benton County jail and reportedly refused to be brought to Pasco. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Gordon is accused of holding a 19-year-old woman against her will in May. The incident was reported to Franklin County sheriff's deputies May 14, court documents said.

The victim told deputies that four days earlier she was taken to a Pasco apartment against her will by Gordon and another man, then forcibly raped several times by Gordon while being held down by the second man, documents said.

A knife was on the night stand in the room, and the woman told investigators that she feared they would use the knife on her if she fought back, documents said.

The second man was identified as Nathan William Murphy, 29, of Pasco. He had faced the same charges as Gordon, but the case against Murphy was dismissed by prosecutors last month.

Prosecutor Shawn Sant told the Herald that initial reports indicated both Gordon and Murphy were involved, but neither man was able to be located by police, so warrants were issued for their arrests.

Murphy was later arrested on his warrant and interviewed by officers. After his version of events was corroborated with the victim and other witnesses accounts, Sant said he determined that the case against Murphy couldn't be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

Charges were dismissed without prejudice, which means it could be refiled.