Canine manners test Dec. 15 in Richland

The Canine Good Citizen test is set for 6 p.m. Dec. 15 at the Columbia Basin Dog Training Club clubhouse, 524 C Railroad Ave., Richland.

Organizers view the test as a fun way to demonstrate a dog's good manners. Cost is $10 per dog.

All dogs are welcome to participate, but each must be healthy and accept grooming, be able to accept a friendly stranger, sit politely for petting, walk on a loose leash and through a crowd, sit on command and stay in place, come when called and handle distractions.

The test does not include any training opportunities and is offered to accommodate people who want to take the test separately from taking a class.

"The test items are not difficult but does require basic socialization and training," said Julie Kirk, a member of Columbia Basin Dog Training Club. "Most often failure, when it occurs, is related to lack of practice/experience, which can be remedied in many ways (and) and not necessarily involving more instruction."

All dog owners interested in finding out exactly how well mannered their dog might be are invited to take part.

For more information, go to columbiabasindogtc.org.