Challenger wins in W. Richland in recount

Monday's recount of votes for Position 6 on the West Richland City Council confirmed Ron Hayden as the winner, said Benton County Auditor Brenda Chilton.

Eleven votes stand between Hayden and incumbent Councilman Ken Dobbin in the race that drew 3,147 votes.

Chilton said her staff reviewed 502 undervotes -- ballots where the voter either left their selection for an office blank or marked a candidate's name in some other manner, by circling for example.

There were two ballots on which voters had written in a name but not filled in the box. Neither of those names was Hayden or Dobbin so the count remains unchanged, she said.

Chilton said those two ballots will be presented to the Benton County Canvassing Board when it meets at 1:30 p.m. today in Prosser to certify the recount results.