CRIME: 1 arrested in attempted robbery of Fat Cat's in Walla Walla

WALLA WALLA -- An attempted robbery at a downtown tavern led to the arrest of a suspect spotted a few blocks away on Main Street, Walla Walla police said.

About 4:30 p.m. Friday, a man entered Fat Cat's Tavern, 430 W. Main St., and demanded money, said owner Pete Yelenich.

"He wanted $200," Yelenich said, as he cooked up burgers as if nothing had happened.

The suspect fled without any money after customers noticed the situation and called 911.

"Twenty-two years I have been here and I have never had anything happen like it," Yelenich said.

According to police, the suspect, Bernard Falconer, 56, left Fat Cat's Tavern and went to Fast Eddy's, where he also demanded cash, but did not make gestures like he had a weapon. Falconer got no money and left Fast Eddy's.

A few minutes later, Falconer was spotted by police near the Golden Horse Restaurant, 628 W. Main St., where he was taken into custody, police said.

Falconer was booked in the Walla Walla County jail on suspicion of robbery.