Emergency system test didn't work everywhere

The nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System had mixed reviews Wednesday around the country and the Tri-Cities.

The alert was at 11 a.m. and was expected to last about three minutes.

At Franklin County Emergency Management, the alert was received, but the message was broken and not clear, Director John Scheer told the Herald.

"It didn't come through as well as we hoped," he said.

When Franklin County has conducted the emergency alert system test locally, it has been clear, he said. Officials now are waiting to hear what will be done to fix the system at the national level.

Benton County Emergency Services officials said the alert went off on their side of the river without a hitch. The message, which lasted about 30 seconds, was loud and clear on the radio and TV.

The Oregon Office of Emergency Management said reports coming in from radio and TV stations around the state indicated most didn't get the signal, or did not get it well, The Associated Press said.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says it is aware the broadcast did not work everywhere and is looking into why.