Pasco School District puts bus driver on leave

A bus driver for the Pasco School District has been placed on administrative leave after a kindergartner apparently got off the bus at the wrong stop this week.

A 5-year-old student from Mark Twain Elementary was not let off the bus where his father, Ramiro De La Mora, was waiting for him Tuesday.

It took hours until the boy was found safe but miles from home.

Kindergartners at Mark Twain wear yellow bus tags that show their names, parent contact information and the bus stop where the student needs to get off, said Leslee Caul, a school district spokeswoman.

After classes, employees walk each kindergartner to the correct bus and make sure he or she gets on, Caul said.

The driver then is supposed to make sure kids get off the bus only if a parent or other designated adult is waiting at the bus stop, Caul said.

A district investigator currently is retracing the 5-year-old's steps Tuesday to see how the boy got off at the wrong stop. The driver will be on leave during the investigation, Caul said.